Who We Are

 Founded in 1999 by Leo Lewis, the Lewis Sports Foundation (LSF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service organization dedicated to providing our youth with the tools to develop life skills through education and physical activity.  

By promoting physical activity and sports participation, we have been able to improve the abilities of our young people to cope with the daily challenges of life.  Enlisting the unique talents of local teachers, coaches and mentors, the Foundation provides students with the necessary resources to establish a balance between education, citizenship, life management and sport.

For the long-term, the LSF will be the sport and life resource that supports individuals, teams and organizations year-round in fulfilling their goals.  The Foundation is formed to manage several programs and serves as a funding agent for scholarships and grants.

Rationale of the Lewis Sports Foundation

Today’s physically active youth face many unique challenges:

  • Financial cutbacks in programming
  • Inadequate resources in the community for sport equipment, mentoring, coaching, and volunteering.
  • Balancing a sports lifestyle with academics
  • Exhibiting correct social behavior and accepting accountability
  • Understanding the odds of playing professional sports

The Lewis Sports Foundation will:

  • Mentor young athletes in structured sports settings
  • Promote balanced living focused on education, success and leadership
  • Partner with schools and social service agencies that promote mentoring and leadership
  • Support individuals, teams and organizations that promote physical activity
  • Provide educational forums about the influence of sports in American culture