Topical List of Workshops

Team Building

A series of interactive activities designed to explore individual and group development and decision-making.

Role Play

An series of interactive vignettes designed to depict social and cultural realities commonly experienced by physically active students and athletes. These sessions lead to discussions that stimulate group and individual decision-making.

Social Responsibility

A stimulating workshop focused on the perception versus reality experience of athletes and their responsibility as citizens in our society.

Academic Development

A workshop designed to focus on strategies toward improving academic success.

Character Building

A program that utilizes various character-based curriculum.

Career Development

An informational workshop designed to preview the requirements of various career pursuits. Guest speakers from several different career fields summarize the uniqueness of their jobs.

Sport Nutrition and Wellness

Interactive and video tools that show the value and importance of a balanced diet.

Mental Skills Training

A series of workshops designed to enhance the mental skills needed to improve performance in sport.

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